Gavin Sasser - Vocals/Guitar

Blurred In10tions is an indie rock band out of Houston, TX fronted by 19-year old powerhouse singer-songwriter Gavin Sasser. Taking influences from legendary greats such as The 1975, The Killers, The Neighbourhood & more, Blurred In10tions is carving out a fresh, new & modern sound with hints of familiarity from artists you know and love.  

2020 has been a weird time for everyone, with live music practically being completely shut down. Gavin has not let this slow him down though, taking his newfound free time to better plan and bring to life his vision for Blurred In10tions, improving every aspect of the band. After spending time in Stormy Cooper's studio recording his first songs, he has shot music videos, rolled out all new merchandise, a full website, and social medias to match so everybody can get personally involved with all the new things going on!

Blurred In10tions is here to stay and striving to make a massive mark on the local music scene and beyond as soon as they can get there. The debut single and music video "Can't Explain" releases everywhere September 18, 2020.

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